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360 videos are coming to Facebook’s Instant Articles

October 24, 2016 - By 

Facebook’s Instant Articles — the format that displays publishers’ content in a faster-loading, distraction-free view when accessed by Facebook users on mobile devices — are about to get more interactive. The social network announced today that these articles will now support 360 videos and photos — meaning, publishers can include 360 content in-line, which users can then navigate by turning their mobile device, or tapping and dragging.

Facebook will allow journalists and other content creators to include 360 videos and photos directly in their Instant Articles as inline content. When a user sees the media in the story, they can immediately begin interacting with the photo or video by tilting, clicking or dragging.


Best Practices in Shooting 360 Video

August 18, 2016 - By 

YouTube as part of its ‘Creator Academy‘ initiative has produced this fun and informative video designed to school 360 video newbies on what not to do when producing immersive video content.